Case Study-How We Helped Alan Sell for Top Dollar

Kevin McDonald
Published on January 23, 2020

Case Study-How We Helped Alan Sell for Top Dollar

We successfully closed escrow on the sale of our seller client, Alan, in building 9 of the Met. We were proud to get Alan the highest sale price for a 1 bedroom unit in the past 6 months, even units that in our experience would be considered more desirable during the traditionally slower holiday season. We wanted to share a few key things we did for Alan:

  • Property Assessment to Recommend Repairs

We always recommend having our listings look their best and always offer a complimentary property assessment to go over our recommended repairs that we feel would generate the best return on investment for you. We can also recommend vendors as well. 

Alan’s condo had been a long time rental property and did not look its best upon tenant move out. We recommended Alan get the property looking its best which meant re-painting and re-carpeting the unit. We tried to consider cleaning the carpets to save costs, but the carpets were past the point of being re-cleaned. We also had a recommended vendor visit at get Alan an estimate so he could decide if it was worth it to him to move forward. Ultimately, Alan decided to complete the recommended repairs which definitely helped in the long run and you’ll see from our results. 

  • Photography and Virtual Staging

First impressions are very important, even more so in property sales where initial searches are completed on the internet and having bad photos can lead the consumer to swipe on to the next property. As part of our service, every client of ours receives professional photography completed which also includes a video walk through and aerial drone, (if allowed by owner and HOA). We also have another tool in our tool belt, Virtual Staging!

Virtual staging is the process of having a photo editor virtually add furniture and decor to existing photos. Having photos virtually staged makes our listings stand out online to potential buyers. The effect of virtual staging is amplified for vacant smaller condos and townhouses as it gives the buyer a vision for an empty space when looking on the internet and upon actual visit it makes the space seem larger since there’s no furniture which could make the rooms of a smaller condo seemed cramped. 

Here’s a before and after photos of Alan’s unit when we used the virtual staging process:



We gone through lots of trial and error to find the best photo designers to work for you!

  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of Property

“Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail”

Every property has its own unique characteristics and it’s important to know these so we can come up with a plan of attack when selling a home. For example, a freeway facing unit in the Met needs to be marketed differently than a prime location unit as both units have different potential buyer pools. As part of our service, we complete a SWOT analysis of every listing we sell and go over this with our clients so they can a realistic picture of how their home looks to the consumer and how they stack up against market competition. 

The SWOT analysis helps us as Realtors as well as it identifies the key points to emphasize in our marketing and can help us identify where we need to be positioned in our pricing strategy. 

  • Results

On 12/20/2019, we were able to have the great pleasure of calling Alan to let him know that we had successfully completed escrow for a sale price of $339,000 which was the highest 1 bedroom 610sf unit in the last 6 months out of 8 other sales and $18,800 higher than the previous 6 month average of lower level 1 bedroom 610sf unit sales in the Met. 

Prior 6 Month 1 Bedroom 610SF Sales

(5510 Owensmouth Ave #201 $339,000-Sold by Kevin and Kevin)

Selling a property is a team effort and we’d like to thank Alan for being a great teammate. We are grateful to have been able to help him and look forward to helping him again in the future. If you have any questions about our process, please feel free to contact us. 

Alan’s Review of Our Service:

Over 10 years ago, I bought my one bedroom, one bathroom condominium located in the Warner Center area of Woodland Hills. The purchase was during an early phase of developer sales, who was converting apartments to condos. It was called The Metropolitan. The project name was changed to The Met.

Prior to my decision to work with Pinnacle; I learned Pinnacle had a great resume selling units in The Met. In addition, Pinnacle provided an estimate with the lowest total costs. The estimate followed several very positive conversations regarding the possibility of working together.

I recently decided to sell my rental unit and work with Kevin McDonald and Kevin Godley of Pinnacle Estate Properties, Calabasas. I am very happy with the decision I made and the results that were achieved. I also thought their suggestion to use RidgeGate Escrow, enhanced the seamless professional experience. RideGate was also a pleasure to work with.

I appreciated the very professional experience, along with the regular consistent communication, which exceeded my expectations. I was never left wondering, what is going on. I found the professional experience to be fantastic and very refreshing. I have no hesitation recommending Kevin McDonald and Kevin Godley, with Pinnacle Estate Properties, Calabasas to anyone considering selling or buying real estate.

If you’ve thought about selling, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you and formulate a plan together to get your goals accomplished. 

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